Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, David was brought up by inspirational parents who both taught English. Surrounded by books, art, theatre, films, and music, and encouraged to use his imagination, he found himself playing a plethora of characters, maneuvering through made-up worlds, and recording creative accounts of those journeys. As a result, he discovered his love for acting, singing, and writing early on.

After touring the world with The Phoenix Boys Choir for three years and gaining great theatrical, vocal, and leadership experience in high school, he went on to become a member of the Arizona Repertory Theatre Company, earning a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from the University of Arizona in 2005. While there, he won the awards of Best Actor Mainstage 2005 and Best Supporting Actor Mainstage 2004. Now thriving in New York City, he enjoys acting in all different forms of theatre and film, spending quality time with his closest friends, observing fine-tuned performances on stage or screen, and composing poetry daily.

Some of his favorite roles have been Frank’n’Furter in The Rocky Horror Show, Prior in Angels in America, Charles Guiteau in Assassins, Just Discourse in Aristophanes’ The Clouds, Sylvia St. Croix in Ruthless!, Rooster in Annie, and Wesley Ellers in the web pilot Support Group. He also created a four-person showcase of scenes to honor the centennial of Tennessee Williams’ birth called A Toast to Tennessee, in which he played five different characters at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York. He then hopped into the holiday world of his favorite novelist Charles Dickens as Fred in Alan Menken’s A Christmas Carol at the Janesville Armory Theatre (in Wisconsin) and, the following season, Bob Cratchit in The Gaslight Theatre’s farcical, musical version of the same tale (in AZ).

Enlarging his professional focus over the past few years to include writing, poetry, vegan activism, research, ancient megalithic archaeology, current events, film/theatre history, human rights, acting/audition coaching, and spiritual guidance, he has embraced a multipotentialite drive, expanding and blending those passions. Having recently enjoyed employment with the Human Rights Campaign, The York Theatre Company, the Patron Program at Carnegie Hall, and SoulFeed Podcast, he is currently working for lululemon, as well as laying the groundwork for a unique non-profit theatre company. A published poet and avid reader, he regularly sculpts and polishes his composition skills. Also a long-professed cinephile, he is well-educated in a wide variety of classic and modern films. Now past his ten-year mark as a New Yorker, he has been lucky to see countless concerts, musicals, and plays, many starring worthy up-and-comers and revered legends. Overall, he is an abundantly grateful and grounded guy doing his best to live in the moment, follow his iconoclastic bliss, and give back to important causes.